How sustainable is your market choice?

how sustainable is your market choice?

How sustainable is your market choice?

Some scientists predate our environmental problems to increased volcanic activity, and increased methane from cattle; however, some others to the industrial revolution in recent centuries. It is now well established that human endeavor is playing a big part in environmental pollution and global warming. However, nature maintenance can be undertaken by a concerted global and individual effort. Global efforts are mainly towards green energy which addresses only 50% of the problem. Have you wondered how the infinite range of products that humankind uses came about? Why are they often not reusable and repairing something has become a rarity? This pollution of human endeavor needs to change by resorting to sustainability. Sustainability efforts are not on the agenda of governments alone but also of companies and individuals, yes you and me. We have to adopt sustainable brands like Mynusco and eha and choose to décor our homes with sustainable fashion and sustainable living, we at eha give you exactly this choice.

We work with our partners towards sustainable product development from several hundred materials to about 200 products to widen your choice. Crop residue dependence to produce our biocomposites is a sustainable supply chain never wavers to significant demand and supply issues. Choose from our wide range of product categories of homeware, garden ware, toys, oral care, drink, and furniture sections and enrich your house and the environment you live in. join the movement and choose not to be a spectator!

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