we create a beautiful world where nothing is wasted.

eha, our earth, is where we draw from and also preserve.

we believe circularity is the only future and that it is the only sustainable way of living within our planet’s limits. Everything has value beyond single purpose, and waste is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is time not to just talk about a more sustainable future, but to shape one with the help of our community.

we are enabling a world where we live in tune with nature, where every plant has a song and the husk is valued as much as the grain.



committed to sustainable outcomes

eha is stemmed from many years of hardship with ground-up research across various industries and global markets.

we manage the complete process, starting from procuring crop-residue sustainably, to converting them into products that you see here. our priority is to create value for people, business and environment across the value chain.

each eha product comes with authentic information that includes product’s history of making, sustainability footprint and safety certificates.

our beetle collection of products are good to be composted at home and our turtle collection of products are good to be recycled at the end of their current use. all eha products reduce carbon footprint and conserve resources.

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